Personnel search and selection processes,
personnel development, training, coaching,
business management and organisation,
architectural psychology



In addition to create successful and profitable job advertisement, we handle the complete personnel selection process on request. We review the applications and take first assessments. In close consultation, our clients will receive the complete documentation and transparent results of each individual step. Through a professional, extremely prompt and always human handling of each application, all applicants keep the personnel selection process in best memory.

  • Job specifications
  • Ad design
  • Ad placement
  • E-recruiting
  • Online questionnaires
  • Telephone interviews
  • Job interviews
  • Assessment Centre
  • Jobfidence®-measurement

Personnel development

Shaping your company’s future is primarily supported by your employees’ professional and personal skills. Supporting the individual strengthens the entire team. Our coachings and trainings are individually matched to your needs and provide profound theoretical, but especially practice-oriented knowledge. We offer trainings regarding leadership, sales, communication, conflict management, working methodology, and much more. Our management audits identify your internal high potentials and managers.

  • Coaching
  • Workshops and trainings
  • Self-management techniques
  • Management audits
  • Potential analysis
  • Job evaluation systems
  • Independent consultancy
  • Confidential communication

Business management

We support you with implementing organisational stability and necessary flexibility. We develop control systems and strengthen factors for success within the company. Deducing from industrial, work and organisational psychology as a scientific basis we design solutions for problems concerning the operational and organisational structure of your company.

  • Business strategy
  • Business development
  • Operational and organisational structure analysis
  • Organisational diagnosis
  • Corporate identity strategy
  • Merger consultancy and conflict management
  • Leadership systems
  • Career and succession planning
  • Target agreement systems

Architectural psychology

Office complexes and public buildings should affect and effect! They express the company’s philosophy and can increase performance, productivity and sales still considering creativity and individuality. Architecture often does not meet the requirements of the people who have to work and live there. Therefore we offer professional support to adapt the constructor’s entrepreneurial and personal aims and objectives to people.

  • Building constructor consultancy
  • Ergonomics and design
  • Generating ideas
  • Logics of movement and orientation
  • Assortment logistics
  • Information guidance systems
  • Advice concerning trend matters
  • Sales floor design